Hadley fat quarter bundle
Hadley, fat quarter bundle
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Like most of her fabric collections, Denyse finds inspiration for Hadley in her native New England. Pastoral Hadley has puritan roots with a streak of independence. Elegant and spirited, Hadley embodies the assured style and ladylike grace of a Seven Sisters college co-ed. Showcasing smart, pretty florals, confident plaids and universally useful calicos, Hadley is as versatile collection as you are likely to find. Perfect for apparel, Hadley works equally well for all your quilting and crafting ideas. Low volume prints and vibrant accents make it a cinch to create modern quilts with a vintage, scrappy feel. Hadley features three delightful colorways – Chinese Lantern, Sunflower, and Hydrangea.

Hadley pre-cut bundles feature coordinating selections from Denyse's Modern Solids – download the list of DS Modern Solids included here!

Order the In This Corner quilt pattern! See more Hadley inspiration on our FaceBook page.