Workshops & Events on the Road teaching pure improv at Fancy Tiger
Workshops & Events on the Road, teaching pure improv at Fancy Tiger

I'm still waiting for confirmation on when the following workshops will happen. Please check back for updates, and stay well!

October 2022
I can't even come up with a word to tell you how thrilled I am to be going to Morocco with Amy Butler! Amy is such an inspiration to me, and she's a heck of a lot of fun. No details yet, but write to and get yourself on the mailing list for Amy's workshops. They sell out in a flash, and you won't want to miss this opportunity.

Stay tuned for more upcoming workshops that are in the works!

Contact us if you're interested in learning more about hosting a visit from Denyse at your venue to talk about her work, conduct a workshop, or both! Workshops are ideal for bridal parties, celebrations of a birth, or special parties.