Free-Wheeling Single Girl throw size
Free-Wheeling Single Girl, throw size
Free-Wheeling Single Girl: packaging Free-Wheeling Single Girl: FWSG with Washington Depot fabrics Free-Wheeling Single Girl: throw size Free-Wheeling Single Girl: detail

A quilt with hoops you don't have to jump through! This updated and revised version of Denyse's witty and timeless version of a Double Wedding Ring pattern includes guidelines for improvising the ring piecing, encouraging you to trust your instincts. Revel in the freedom, take some chances and give it a whirl! You're gonna make it after all! (That's for all of you old enough to remember MTM). 

The Free-Wheeling Single Girl pattern includes easy-to-use instructions, templates (for the background pieces), and measurements to create your own Free-Wheeling Single Girl quilt in baby, twin, queen, or king sizes, and a pillow sham. Create your own Free-Wheeling Single Girl quilt with the vintage-modern charm of Denyse's Katie Jump Rope Legacy fabrics.


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