Washington Depot  Fat Quarter Bundle
Washington Depot , Fat Quarter Bundle
Washington Depot : Fat Quarter Bundle Washington Depot : Free-Wheeling Single Girl pattern with WD Washington Depot : Selvage edge Washington Depot : Hexagon pre-cut bundle Washington Depot : scraps Washington Depot : Swatches

Calling to mind a nostalgic sweetness of unspoiled beauty and simple pleasures, Washington Depot is my newest fabric collection. (It’s also the name a charming New England town, rumored to be the model for “Stars Hollow,” of “Gilmore Girls” fame). Providing a welcome break from the constant demands of our virtually-connected, fast-paced world, Washington Depot invites us to slow down and be present for the task at hand, whether it's sharing coffee and gossip with a friend, a leisurely walk through town, or simply enjoying a book and quiet time at the library. Washington Depot is not only a breath of fresh air; it’s a reminder to breathe! Washington Depot's versatile designs have a decidedly current color sensibility, and are PERFECT for a modern friendship quilt! From
FreeSpirit Fabric.

A total of 23 SKU’s in 3 color stories (Wild Rose, Linoleum and Teal) ship in August 2017. FreeSpirit Precut bundles (fat quarters,10-inch charm, 5-inch charm, design roll, and 4-3/4 inch hexagons) include ten coordinating Modern Solids (pomegranate, tropical, mesa, mango, mist, citrine, light jade, spruce, manatee, licorice).