Winter Walk – new! inspiration
Winter Walk – new!, inspiration
Winter Walk – new!: Big Tree quilt pattern Winter Walk – new!: In the Pines free pattern
Winter Walk – new!: Design Rolls Winter Walk – new!: Steam colorway Winter Walk – new!: Bark colorway (paper) Winter Walk – new!: Evergreen colorway (paper) Winter Walk – new!: fat quarter stack
Winter Walk – new!: inspiration Winter Walk – new!: inspiration Winter Walk – new!: inspiration Winter Walk – new!: my sister's painting

Here's my February 2017 fabric collection for FreeSpirit Fabric! I love the stark beauty of a walk through the woods after a snowfall, and the attentive reflection it brings. There's something about the hushed, cold stillness that throws the richly neutral palette of a New England winter into sharp relief: soft acorn brown, taupe, winter wheat, ashy grey, and the brightest soft white. Tiny details – the sudden flash of a cardinal's bright red wing or a glimpse of blue sky through branches suddenly thrill. Winter Walk celebrates the beauty of nature in repose – winter, the cool, muted, sophisticated season – silently laying the ground for the imminent splashy showiness of spring. Ten mix-and-match designs in a range of scale and texture and three classic colorways (Bark, Stream, Evergreen) will inspire quilt creations, and more!

We have LIMITED QUANTITIES of 40-piece, 2-1/2 inch Winter Walk Design Rolls available now to make our Big Tree quilt pattern! Order two for twin, queen, king sizes!


In The Pines is a free, downloadable pattern available at FreeSpirit Fabric.

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